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Our Real Estate Blog - Part Two

Blue background with national housing report title on it.
RE/MAX National Housing Report For December 2021

2021 finished with nearly 10% more home sales than the previous record year of 2020. See what else the last month had in store with the RE/MAX National Housing Report.

Pop Quiz - chalkboard with several terms defined
Can you define these terms?

The language of buying and selling a home may sound scary at first, but knowing how key terms relate to today’s market can help you. Terms like "appraisal" and "contingencies" can be tricky but we can help you navigate the language of real estate.

A little white house with orange roof sitting on green leaves.
4 Ways Homeowners Can Use Their Equity

Your equity is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals as a homeowner. And chances are, your equity grew substantially over the past year. If you’re looking for the best ways to use your growing equity, read on:

REMAX balloon flying high above the ground with a clear blue sky in the background.
RE/MAX National Housing Report For August 2021

The RE/MAX National Housing Report is distributed each month on or about the 15th. The first Report was distributed in August 2008. For August 2021, Dips in Home Sales and Prices Mirror Traditional Late-Summer Moves.

Black outline of house with chimney and the word SOLD written in red.
Six Common Mistakes Made When Selling A Home

Selling a home can be a complex process. Sellers who avoid these preventable mistakes could close a home sale following a smooth and worry-free process. Learn how to keep it hassle-free from for-sale to sold!

Happy girls with leaves falling around them.
Reasons You Should Consider Selling This Fall

Fall is a beautiful time to sell your home! If you’re thinking of making a move, here are four reasons to put your house up for sale sooner rather than later.

Small wooden house with two white hearts drawn above it.
What You Can Do Right Now To Prepare for Homeownership

Rising rental costs may make it seem impossible to prepare for homeownership if you’re a renter. The truth is, there are ways you can – and should – prepare to purchase your first home. Here’s some expert advice on what to do.

REMAX balloon floating over a body of water with trees in the background
RE/MAX National Housing Report for July 2021

July home sales were the third largest total in the report’s 13-year history, although they declined 8.4% from June – a seasonal norm. We've seen a gain in inventory even though the shortage of listings remains a major challenge.

man and woman sitting on the floor surrounded by handyman tools
The Best Use of Time (and Money) When It Comes to Renovations

In the current sellers’ market, many homeowners wonder what, if anything, needs to be remodeled before they list their house. That’s where a trusted real estate professional comes in.

scrap book open with a white paper house and two trees sitting on it
More Young People Are Buying Homes

If you’re a member of a younger generation and interested in purchasing a home, you’re not alone. Many of your peers are on their path to homeownership, too.

new home midway through construction
Construction of New Homes Improves

Construction of New Homes Improves but the construction industry continues to face serious shortages of labor and materials, driving the costs of building higher — though the cost of lumber has stabilized after months of resting at or near record highs.

black sink with water running; purple flowers in a glass vase nearby
Does Your Kitchen Sink Stink?

It happens! Do you have an odor coming from your kitchen sink? Here are 4 Reasons Your Kitchen Sink Smells Awful — and How To Fix It.

a hand holding out a blue credit card with orange and red circles on it
A Simple "Recipe" for Managing Your Credit Score

A good credit score allows you to unlock many savings and benefits, including access to loans and credit cards with the most favorable terms. You can see why this would be important if you want to buy a home.

man and woman relaxing in the sun near a body of water
Demand for Vacation Homes Is Still Strong

If you’re one of the many people who purchased a vacation home during the pandemic, you’re likely wondering what this means for you. If you’re considering selling that home as life returns to normal, you have options.

two classic victorian style homes
Pros and Cons of Buying a Historic Home

Learn the upsides and downsides from historic property experts. When purchasing a historic home, buyers should be aware of unique parameters and responsibilities that come with living in a timeless residence.

RE/MAX balloon flying over a neighborhood.
National Housing Report - May 2021

The typical May ramp-up in home sales didn't happen last month, as sales dipped 0.2% from April and home prices were uncharacteristically flat in the report's 53 metro areas.

Two hands swapping keys and cash.
Hot Spring Selling Season

Leading Housing Indicators Point to a Hot Spring Selling Season for 2021 but limited inventory remains an issue.

woman writing on notebook while holding more paper in her other hand sitting at a busy desk
Don’t Forget to Budget for Closing Costs

Saving for a down payment is the main cost that comes to mind for many, but budgeting for the closing costs required to get a mortgage is just as important.

A large home that is in the framing process of being newly constructed with lots of wood on the ground in front of it.
4 Benefits of Buying a New Construction Home

For buyers struggling to find their dream home in the current low inventory market, RE/MAX real estate agents share the top benefits of a new construction home.

small wooden house sitting on mulch with stacks of coins in front with plants on top
Real Estate vs. Stocks and Gold

Is real estate a better investment than stocks and gold? Read on to see what Americans think.

RE/MAX balloon flying over a neighborhood.
National Housing Report - April 2021

April home sales in the report’s 53 metro areas were up 5.3% over March, slightly topping the five-year March-to-April average gain of 5.0% from 2015-2019. In contrast, home sales in 2020 dropped 13.7% from March to April as pandemic-related stay-at-home orders were in effect in many states.

Logo for My Brother's Table Soup Kitchen.
My Brother's Table - Helping Out

We continue to support My Brother’s Table, the largest soup kitchen on the North Shore, in their effort to stamp out hunger. Since the pandemic began in early 2020, My Brother's Table has served over a million meals in the Greater Lynn area.

Pretty home with stone pillars in front of entrance surrounded by lots of flowers and trees.
What It Means To Be in a Sellers’ Market

Home prices are appreciating in today’s sellers’ market. Making your home available over the coming weeks will give you the most exposure to buyers who will actively compete against each other to purchase it.

Man looking at a laptop screen at a table in a dimly lit room.
Should You Try To Sell Your Own Home?

In a sellers’ market, some homeowners might be tempted to try to sell their house on their own. Read on to learn why that’s a big mistake and may actually cost you more in the long run.

A wooden house with piles of coins near it.
How You May Be Able To Achieve Homeownership This Year

Saving for a down payment can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. This year, your tax refund and your stimulus savings could add up big when it comes to reaching your homeownership goals.

Three people - a man signing papers, a woman smiling across to a third person whom we can only see the arm of which is holding papers.
How to Make a Winning Offer on a Home

Today’s homebuyers are faced with a strong seller's market. These five tips for success are essential to understand how to make a confident and competitive offer on your dream home.

A graphic drawing of a board balancing on a dark blue triangle shape with a home on the left and a pile of gold coins on the right; the board is tipping a little toward the coins.
What Will Happen This Year With Home Prices?

Many experts believe buyer demand will soften somewhat as mortgage rates are poised to bump up slightly. Some also believe the inventory challenge will ease as more listings come to market this year.

A hand holding a small box with a red and white rope holding a key and a small house on it.
What Are the Benefits of a 20% Down Payment?

While there are plenty of lower down payment options available for qualified buyers who don’t want to put 20% down, it’s important to understand how a larger down payment can have great benefits too.

Multiple homes at dawn with the sun rising in the background.
Will Low Mortgage Rates Continue?

Low mortgage rates are creating an outstanding opportunity for current home buyers to get more for their money while staying within their budget. They won't stay this way forever though. Read on to see what the experts are predicting for rate changes.

A sitting area with many pillow on the couch, a large TV on the wall, glass doors and lots of accessories.
10 Drastically Different Design Trends

If you're looking to do a design overhaul, you're probably also looking for some inspiration—so we asked real estate and design experts to weigh in on what they anticipate will be the biggest home trends of 2021.

A collage of multiple photos related to this article.
The Best Real Estate Advice From 2020

We put together a list of the top real estate articles and advice from 2020 compliments of, one of our favorite trusted sources. There are eight separate articles that we hope you will find of interest. We look forward to your comments and questions.

A man and a woman both wearing suits and a mask looking out a window.  The woman is holding a tablet and pointing.
These Trends Aren't Going Away

These Pandemic-Related Housing and Design Trends Aren't Going Away. Home trends come and go, but social distancing and staying at home have ushered in a new way of life—and some of those changes have spurred home trends that are likely to stick around well past the COVID-19 era.

Multi peak home with snow all around and a For Sale sign out front.
Sellers Can Make a Bundle in this Winter Sales Season

The coronavirus has changed real estate in a multitude of ways, and perhaps one of the biggest is the sea of buyers who put off buying during the first wave of the pandemic and are now slated to flood the market this winter.

One gold star sitting on a pile of black stars.
5 Tips for Homebuyers Who Want to Make a Competitive Offer

Today’s competitive market makes it more important than ever to make a strong offer on a home, and a trusted expert can help you rise to the top along the way. Contact us to discuss the best plan for you.

Drawing of man sitting alone inside an outline of a house.
The Biggest Myths About Moving to the Suburbs—Busted

For generations, people have been drawn to big-city life by the irresistible lure of career opportunities, cultural riches, and many other social and career related reasons. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic, and suddenly, those tiny apartments, public transportation, and crowded public spaces lost their appeal.

Brick walkway shown with landscape lights along the side of it and green plants.
6 Modest Front-Yard Updates Home Sellers Should Never Forget

Home sellers know that a tidy, tasteful home will catch any buyer's eye. Many people put effort into fixing up and staging the interior of their home before putting it on the market but don't forget the outside!

Construction worker pointing up to a new home showing a man and woman something about the home.
Building A Home? Here's What To Look For

Few things are as exciting as purchasing a newly constructed home. Everything is pristine and, presumably, will last for a very long time. However, just because a house is new doesn’t mean it’s free of flaws.

A hand pulling leaves from gutter.
8 Things You Really Should Do Before The First Frost

An early snowfall can cause a panic if you haven't finished cleaning up outside yet. We were lucky with our Halloween snow and there is still time. Hurry though - these items should be at the top of your to-do list to tackle before the forecast turns to ice and snow.

A hand getting ready to write on a clip board with a blank page on it.
16 Questions To Ask a Home Inspector Before, During, and After a Home Inspection

If you're buying a house, you know that your home inspector will check it out and make sure it's in decent shape. But if you want to get to know your home beyond its pretty facade, you should pepper your inspector with questions—a whole lot of them, in fact!

Hands washing under touchless faucet.
Germs, Be Gone! 7 Simple Renovations To Coronavirus-Proof Your Home

One consequence of the pandemic is that our collective concern over cleanliness remains at an all-time high. Here are a few ideas on how to enhance your home and reduce the transfer of germs during the era of COVID-19.

Man and woman looking over paperwork at desk with coffee.
Do You Have Enough Money Saved for a Down Payment?

Unfortunately, the lack of knowledge about the home buying process is keeping many motivated first-time buyers on the sidelines. Be careful not to let big myths about home buying keep you and your family out of the housing market.

Graphic showing small house and a checklist with a pen on it.
Buyer's Guide

Our guide breaks down the steps of buying a home so you can start the process feeling confident and prepared. From developing your budget to signing your name on the dotted line, you’ll find helpful tips right here. Plus, we are here to help every step of the way.

Young woman and man looking at paperwork and leaning on desk with laptop and lamp on it.
First-Time Home Buyers - Beware!

Time was, the American plan went something like this: You work hard at your job. You bank some cash. You use a chunk of it on the down payment for your very first house, a reasonably priced starter in a reasonably priced neighborhood. You begin raising your family while building equity. Congrats! You're on a path toward financial stability. But these days, the script is being flipped.

Wooden houses with downward pointing red arrow.
Mortgage Rates Tumble to Yet Another All-Time Low

The double whammy of the coronavirus pandemic and the economic downturn have led to the lowest mortgage rates in history. They fell to an average of just 2.86% for the most common types of loan, the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, in the week ending Sept. 10, according to Freddie Mac. The previous low was 2.88% for the week ending August 6th.

Exterior view of house with low roof line, lots of glass and a privacy wall around an outdoor area.
25 Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Buying a home can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re a first-time home buyer. Not only is it probably the biggest purchase of your life, but the process is complicated and fraught with unfamiliar lingo and surprise expenses. To make the first-time home buying journey a little less stressful, NerdWallet has compiled these 25 tips to help you navigate the process more smoothly and save money.

Young woman and girl looking out window.
Is Now A Good Time To Move?

As a homeowner, you have a huge opportunity to move up right now. Whether you want to save more each month or get more home for your money based on your family’s changing needs, it’s a great time to connect to discuss the market in our area. Buyers are actively looking for more homes to buy, and you can win big by making a move if the time is right for you.

Young woman and man looking at paperwork.
What is an Escalation Clause?

In a competitive seller’s market, one popular strategy to help win a bidding war – when multiple offers are made on one property – is implementing an escalation clause. What exactly does that mean and what are the pros and cons of this strategy?

Logo for My Brother's Table Soup Kitchen.
My Brother's Table - Helping Out

Founded in 1982 My Brother’s Table, the largest soup kitchen on the North Shore, has provided over 4 million hot, free meals and outreach to men, women and children in need. Last year alone, MBT served over 200,000 meals.

a man, woman and little girl holding a roof above their heads with trees in the background
Surging in a Pandemic?

The Surprising Reason Why the Homeownership Rate Surged in the Middle of a Pandemic - In the middle of a recession and the worst public health crisis in a century, the U.S. homeownership rate surged to its highest point since the Great Recession.

a pair of gloved hands shown trimming a pink rose bush
Checklist: 7 Summer Maintenance Musts

Taking care of your home this season isn’t just about getting in on all those trending summer looks and beautifying the backyard. It’s also about getting all those dreaded seasonal maintenance tasks done and out of the way before cold weather arrives.

sketch of a home on a chalk board with lots of math problems
6 Reasons Why This Is Actually the Best Time in Years To Sell a House

Between the continued threat of the novel coronavirus, a wobbly economy, and layoffs happening left and right, it's no surprise that many who may have hoped to sell their home this season are wondering whether to put those plans on hold.

money in a jar with a little white house near it
Taking Advantage of Homebuying Affordability

Everyone is ready to buy a home at different times in their lives, and despite the health crisis, today is no exception.

person sitting alone in a stadium
Best Time to Sell? When Competition Is at an All-Time Low

Sellers are concerned their home won’t sell because of the pandemic and resulting economic recession which is a reasonable concern, however, surveys are showing that home purchasers are still very active.

brown dog laying on gray couch
Will Fido Be Happy In Your New Home

Almost 95% of pet owners said they considered the needs of their furry friends to be important when selecting the right home to buy, according to a recent® survey.

a small house held in a hand
How the Coronavirus Is Changing Some Boomers' Real Estate Plans

For baby boomers, the question of when—and where—they'll retire is a perennial topic of discussion. But with the novel coronavirus sweeping the globe, it has become an especially pressing question these days.

a small house held in a hand
Sellers Should Channel Patience

They say patience is a virtue. Home sellers attempting to unload their properties during this COVID-19 crisis may need to take those words to heart.

woman looking stressed sitting at desk
6 Ergonomic Mistakes To Avoid

By now, you may have spent months working in a makeshift home office after the COVID-19 pandemic required many employees to take their work home and shelter in place. And even as states begin to reopen, many of us plan to work from home for the foreseeable future.

double kitchen sink
Garbage Disposal Tips

Follow these tips if you want to keep your garbage disposal running smoothly and avoid unnecessary repairs and expenses.

yellow daffodils
Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing you all a Happy Mother's Day! May your day be sunny and bright and filled with love.

house icons shown with magnifying glass on the center one
It Starts Before the Statement is Sent

The deadline for challenging your property tax assessment this year may be later than normal due to the stay at home orders but when you are notified, you'll want to be ready to decide whether you can save some money on property taxes this year.

man and woman reviewing paperwork in kitchen
One More Reason to Refinance

Taking cash out of the equity of your home could be a legitimate way to fund a temporary cash crisis now or to have it on-hand if the need arises. Most homeowners can pull out the difference in 80% of the fair market value of their home and what they currently owe.

entrance hallway with denim jacket on coat rack, a small table with hats and a plant and a decorated white wall
First Impression, Lasting Impact: Entryway Essentials

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression – and neither does your house. To avoid a negative first impression that sends potential buyers running out the door, consider these tips for staging a stellar entryway that hints at what’s to come during the showing.

Check this off your list - several check marks with the words
Don't Let Disaster Set You Back

Since you're at home anyway and may even have kids at home who need something to do, now is a great time to get a current home inventory done in case the misfortune of a disaster should strike. We all fear a fire, flood or burglary and this will help be ready for an insurance claim.

Colored Easter eggs in a mask
Celebrating Easter is Different This Year

Easter will be different this year for most everyone that celebrates it. Don't let it get you down. Celebrate what you have instead of thinking about what is different. Be happy for your health and your family's health. Read on for some ideas on how to safely celebrate.

Coconut Macaroons
How to Make Coconut Macaroons for Passover

Passover desserts can be a real bummer. But coconut macaroons, especially when drizzled with dark chocolate, are moist, chewy and absolutely delicious.

Man and woman looking at paperwork near computer
What Buyers Can Do While Staying at Home

While you're isolating at home, there are things you can do to help buy a home now or in the near future. Instead of spending time surfing the Internet looking at homes, do the groundwork necessary to be able to purchase the home that you find.

Real Estate Agent walking ahead of couple showing a new construction home
Showing Procedures During COVID-19

During these unsettling times, sellers and buyers are concerned about staying healthy and virus-free as we all are. To keep all parties safe, new procedures should be considered regarding the procedure for showing houses.

wooden desk with laptop, glasses, pen, notebook and phone plus more items on it
Working From Home

Working from home can be challenging if you're new to it or if there are a lot of distractions in your home, especially, when there are other people there too. These tips should help.

Fish and Chips
Where can I get take-out or delivery from?

In Collaboration, the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce and Discover Gloucester has compiled a list of businesses who are providing take-out and delivery services. You can view it here!

Couple reviewing paperwork in sunlit room
Personal Finance Review

Most of us get so used to our "regular expenses" that we don't realize we could be saving a lot of money with a few changes. Check out these tips on YOU may be able to save.

Lots of people shopping at a yard sale
Get Ready to Garage Sale

Hosting a yard sale is a great way to clear out unused items from your home, especially if you are planning to move. We've got some great tips on how to make the most of it.

Two hands holding and signing papers
Removing a Person from a Mortgage

When two people decide, whether they're married or not, to buy a home, they're probably considering what a great idea it is...until it isn't.

Woman sitting on white couch looking at property on her laptop.
Instant Buyers Save Time But Cost Money

CAUTION: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." There are a multitude of companies across the Internet, referred to as iBuyers. Read this cautionary article before being lured in.

Man and woman in kitchen.  Man is holding clipboard and pointing towards his vision of change.
Financing Home Improvements

Deciding to make improvements on your home is a big decision. As it turns out, funding the updates is too! We're here to help. Review this info and contact us for guidance.

Beautiful kitchen with stainless appliances
What goes with the house?

For both buyers and sellers, there can sometimes be confusion on exactly what goes with the house and what goes with the seller when they move.

Graphic of home showing high expectations from sellers

Even when real estate agents sell their homes, they have the same expectations as most sellers. What are they and are they realistic?

Happy couple using a computer
Your Rate Depends on your Score

Do you know your FICO score? More importantly, did you know that it has a major impact on what interest rate you will pay?

brass key with dollar sign entering lock, words Mortgage Lock-in
What Is Mortgage Lock-in?

For some buyers, interest rates can make the difference of whether they can buy a home or not. Can you lock in a rate? Is it always wise to do so?

woman sitting along among several white chairs
What's Keeping Buyers Out Of The Market?

In short, saving enough for a deposit. See what buyers have done in 2019 to manage this challenge.

graphic of house and the word COST cut in half
Downsizing in 2020

Approximately 52 million or 16% of Americans are age 65 and over. It is easy to understand that some of them are thinking of downsizing their home because they don't need the same space they did in the past.

black door shown with fire extinguisher on wall
In Case Of Emergency

Imagine having an emergency in your home and needing to find something that will solve the problem. You need to be able to put your hands on it quickly.

black door shown with fire extinguisher on wall
Another Source for a Down Payment

Borrowing from a 401k, 403b or the cash value of life insurance policy is a common financial strategy.