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man and woman relaxing in the sun near a body of water
Demand for Vacation Homes Is Still Strong

If you’re one of the many people who purchased a vacation home during the pandemic, you’re likely wondering what this means for you. If you’re considering selling that home as life returns to normal, you have options.

two classic victorian style homes
Pros and Cons of Buying a Historic Home

Learn the upsides and downsides from historic property experts. When purchasing a historic home, buyers should be aware of unique parameters and responsibilities that come with living in a timeless residence.

RE/MAX balloon flying over a neighborhood.
National Housing Report - May 2021

The typical May ramp-up in home sales didn't happen last month, as sales dipped 0.2% from April and home prices were uncharacteristically flat in the report's 53 metro areas.

Two hands swapping keys and cash.
Hot Spring Selling Season

Leading Housing Indicators Point to a Hot Spring Selling Season for 2021 but limited inventory remains an issue.

woman writing on notebook while holding more paper in her other hand sitting at a busy desk
Don’t Forget to Budget for Closing Costs

Saving for a down payment is the main cost that comes to mind for many, but budgeting for the closing costs required to get a mortgage is just as important.

A large home that is in the framing process of being newly constructed with lots of wood on the ground in front of it.
4 Benefits of Buying a New Construction Home

For buyers struggling to find their dream home in the current low inventory market, RE/MAX real estate agents share the top benefits of a new construction home.

small wooden house sitting on mulch with stacks of coins in front with plants on top
Real Estate vs. Stocks and Gold

Is real estate a better investment than stocks and gold? Read on to see what Americans think.

RE/MAX balloon flying over a neighborhood.
National Housing Report - April 2021

April home sales in the report’s 53 metro areas were up 5.3% over March, slightly topping the five-year March-to-April average gain of 5.0% from 2015-2019. In contrast, home sales in 2020 dropped 13.7% from March to April as pandemic-related stay-at-home orders were in effect in many states.

Logo for My Brother's Table Soup Kitchen.
My Brother's Table - Helping Out

We continue to support My Brother’s Table, the largest soup kitchen on the North Shore, in their effort to stamp out hunger. Since the pandemic began in early 2020, My Brother's Table has served over a million meals in the Greater Lynn area.

Man looking at a laptop screen at a table in a dimly lit room.
Should You Try To Sell Your Own Home?

In a sellers’ market, some homeowners might be tempted to try to sell their house on their own. Read on to learn why that’s a big mistake and may actually cost you more in the long run.

Pretty home with stone pillars in front of entrance surrounded by lots of flowers and trees.
What It Means To Be in a Sellers’ Market

Home prices are appreciating in today’s sellers’ market. Making your home available over the coming weeks will give you the most exposure to buyers who will actively compete against each other to purchase it.

A wooden house with piles of coins near it.
How You May Be Able To Achieve Homeownership This Year

Saving for a down payment can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. This year, your tax refund and your stimulus savings could add up big when it comes to reaching your homeownership goals.

Three people - a man signing papers, a woman smiling across to a third person whom we can only see the arm of which is holding papers.
How to Make a Winning Offer on a Home

Today’s homebuyers are faced with a strong seller's market. These five tips for success are essential to understand how to make a confident and competitive offer on your dream home.

A graphic drawing of a board balancing on a dark blue triangle shape with a home on the left and a pile of gold coins on the right; the board is tipping a little toward the coins.
What Will Happen This Year With Home Prices?

Many experts believe buyer demand will soften somewhat as mortgage rates are poised to bump up slightly. Some also believe the inventory challenge will ease as more listings come to market this year.

A hand holding a small box with a red and white rope holding a key and a small house on it.
What Are the Benefits of a 20% Down Payment?

While there are plenty of lower down payment options available for qualified buyers who don’t want to put 20% down, it’s important to understand how a larger down payment can have great benefits too.

Multiple homes at dawn with the sun rising in the background.
Will Low Mortgage Rates Continue?

Low mortgage rates are creating an outstanding opportunity for current home buyers to get more for their money while staying within their budget. They won't stay this way forever though. Read on to see what the experts are predicting for rate changes.

A sitting area with many pillow on the couch, a large TV on the wall, glass doors and lots of accessories.
10 Drastically Different Design Trends

If you're looking to do a design overhaul, you're probably also looking for some inspiration—so we asked real estate and design experts to weigh in on what they anticipate will be the biggest home trends of 2021.

A collage of multiple photos related to this article.
The Best Real Estate Advice From 2020

We put together a list of the top real estate articles and advice from 2020 compliments of, one of our favorite trusted sources. There are eight separate articles that we hope you will find of interest. We look forward to your comments and questions.

A man and a woman both wearing suits and a mask looking out a window.  The woman is holding a tablet and pointing.
These Trends Aren't Going Away

These Pandemic-Related Housing and Design Trends Aren't Going Away. Home trends come and go, but social distancing and staying at home have ushered in a new way of life—and some of those changes have spurred home trends that are likely to stick around well past the COVID-19 era.

Multi peak home with snow all around and a For Sale sign out front.
Sellers Can Make a Bundle in this Winter Sales Season

The coronavirus has changed real estate in a multitude of ways, and perhaps one of the biggest is the sea of buyers who put off buying during the first wave of the pandemic and are now slated to flood the market this winter.

One gold star sitting on a pile of black stars.
5 Tips for Homebuyers Who Want to Make a Competitive Offer

Today’s competitive market makes it more important than ever to make a strong offer on a home, and a trusted expert can help you rise to the top along the way. Contact us to discuss the best plan for you.

Drawing of man sitting alone inside an outline of a house.
The Biggest Myths About Moving to the Suburbs—Busted

For generations, people have been drawn to big-city life by the irresistible lure of career opportunities, cultural riches, and many other social and career related reasons. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic, and suddenly, those tiny apartments, public transportation, and crowded public spaces lost their appeal.

Brick walkway shown with landscape lights along the side of it and green plants.
6 Modest Front-Yard Updates Home Sellers Should Never Forget

Home sellers know that a tidy, tasteful home will catch any buyer's eye. Many people put effort into fixing up and staging the interior of their home before putting it on the market but don't forget the outside!

Construction worker pointing up to a new home showing a man and woman something about the home.
Building A Home? Here's What To Look For

Few things are as exciting as purchasing a newly constructed home. Everything is pristine and, presumably, will last for a very long time. However, just because a house is new doesn’t mean it’s free of flaws.

A hand pulling leaves from gutter.
8 Things You Really Should Do Before The First Frost

An early snowfall can cause a panic if you haven't finished cleaning up outside yet. We were lucky with our Halloween snow and there is still time. Hurry though - these items should be at the top of your to-do list to tackle before the forecast turns to ice and snow.

A hand getting ready to write on a clip board with a blank page on it.
16 Questions To Ask a Home Inspector Before, During, and After a Home Inspection

If you're buying a house, you know that your home inspector will check it out and make sure it's in decent shape. But if you want to get to know your home beyond its pretty facade, you should pepper your inspector with questions—a whole lot of them, in fact!

Hands washing under touchless faucet.
Germs, Be Gone! 7 Simple Renovations To Coronavirus-Proof Your Home

One consequence of the pandemic is that our collective concern over cleanliness remains at an all-time high. Here are a few ideas on how to enhance your home and reduce the transfer of germs during the era of COVID-19.

Man and woman looking over paperwork at desk with coffee.
Do You Have Enough Money Saved for a Down Payment?

Unfortunately, the lack of knowledge about the home buying process is keeping many motivated first-time buyers on the sidelines. Be careful not to let big myths about home buying keep you and your family out of the housing market.

Graphic showing small house and a checklist with a pen on it.
Buyer's Guide

Our guide breaks down the steps of buying a home so you can start the process feeling confident and prepared. From developing your budget to signing your name on the dotted line, you’ll find helpful tips right here. Plus, we are here to help every step of the way.

Young woman and man looking at paperwork and leaning on desk with laptop and lamp on it.
First-Time Home Buyers - Beware!

Time was, the American plan went something like this: You work hard at your job. You bank some cash. You use a chunk of it on the down payment for your very first house, a reasonably priced starter in a reasonably priced neighborhood. You begin raising your family while building equity. Congrats! You're on a path toward financial stability. But these days, the script is being flipped.