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Do You Have Enough Money Saved for a Down Payment?

Unfortunately, the lack of knowledge about the home buying process is keeping many motivated first-time buyers on the sidelines. Be careful not to let big myths about home buying keep you and your family out of the housing market.

Graphic showing small house and a checklist with a pen on it.
Buyer's Guide

Our guide breaks down the steps of buying a home so you can start the process feeling confident and prepared. From developing your budget to signing your name on the dotted line, you’ll find helpful tips right here. Plus, we are here to help every step of the way.

Young woman and man looking at paperwork and leaning on desk with laptop and lamp on it.
First-Time Home Buyers - Beware!

Time was, the American plan went something like this: You work hard at your job. You bank some cash. You use a chunk of it on the down payment for your very first house, a reasonably priced starter in a reasonably priced neighborhood. You begin raising your family while building equity. Congrats! You're on a path toward financial stability. But these days, the script is being flipped.

Exterior view of house with low roof line, lots of glass and a privacy wall around an outdoor area
25 Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Buying a home can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re a first-time home buyer. Not only is it probably the biggest purchase of your life, but the process is complicated and fraught with unfamiliar lingo and surprise expenses. To make the first-time home buying journey a little less stressful, NerdWallet has compiled these 25 tips to help you navigate the process more smoothly and save money.

Image of wooden houses with downward pointing red arrow
Mortgage Rates Tumble to Yet Another All-Time Low

The double whammy of the coronavirus pandemic and the economic downturn have led to the lowest mortgage rates in history. They fell to an average of just 2.86% for the most common types of loan, the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, in the week ending Sept. 10, according to Freddie Mac. The previous low was 2.88% for the week ending August 6th.

Young woman and girl looking out window
Is Now A Good Time To Move?

As a homeowner, you have a huge opportunity to move up right now. Whether you want to save more each month or get more home for your money based on your family’s changing needs, it’s a great time to connect to discuss the market in our area. Buyers are actively looking for more homes to buy, and you can win big by making a move if the time is right for you.

Young woman and man looking at paperwork
What is an Escalation Clause?

In a competitive seller’s market, one popular strategy to help win a bidding war – when multiple offers are made on one property – is implementing an escalation clause. What exactly does that mean and what are the pros and cons of this strategy?

logo for My Brother's Table Soup Kitchen
My Brother's Table - Helping Out

Founded in 1982 My Brother’s Table, the largest soup kitchen on the North Shore, has provided over 4 million hot, free meals and outreach to men, women and children in need. Last year alone, MBT served over 200,000 meals.

a man, woman and little girl holding a roof above their heads with trees in the background
Surging in a Pandemic?

The Surprising Reason Why the Homeownership Rate Surged in the Middle of a Pandemic - In the middle of a recession and the worst public health crisis in a century, the U.S. homeownership rate surged to its highest point since the Great Recession.

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Checklist: 7 Summer Maintenance Musts

Taking care of your home this season isn’t just about getting in on all those trending summer looks and beautifying the backyard. It’s also about getting all those dreaded seasonal maintenance tasks done and out of the way before cold weather arrives.

sketch of a home on a chalk board with lots of math problems
6 Reasons Why This Is Actually the Best Time in Years To Sell a House

Between the continued threat of the novel coronavirus, a wobbly economy, and layoffs happening left and right, it's no surprise that many who may have hoped to sell their home this season are wondering whether to put those plans on hold.

money in a jar with a little white house near it
Taking Advantage of Homebuying Affordability

Everyone is ready to buy a home at different times in their lives, and despite the health crisis, today is no exception.

person sitting alone in a stadium
Best Time to Sell? When Competition Is at an All-Time Low

Sellers are concerned their home won’t sell because of the pandemic and resulting economic recession which is a reasonable concern, however, surveys are showing that home purchasers are still very active.

brown dog laying on gray couch
Will Fido Be Happy In Your New Home

Almost 95% of pet owners said they considered the needs of their furry friends to be important when selecting the right home to buy, according to a recent® survey.

a small house held in a hand
How the Coronavirus Is Changing Some Boomers' Real Estate Plans

For baby boomers, the question of when—and where—they'll retire is a perennial topic of discussion. But with the novel coronavirus sweeping the globe, it has become an especially pressing question these days.

a small house held in a hand
Sellers Should Channel Patience

They say patience is a virtue. Home sellers attempting to unload their properties during this COVID-19 crisis may need to take those words to heart.

woman looking stressed sitting at desk
6 Ergonomic Mistakes To Avoid

By now, you may have spent months working in a makeshift home office after the COVID-19 pandemic required many employees to take their work home and shelter in place. And even as states begin to reopen, many of us plan to work from home for the foreseeable future.